Well good morning campers. Now we realise that this is not a typical camp site breakfast, but each morning will see a beautiful buffet style meal served with only the best natural produce from the Mornington Peninsula Region. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It couldn't be more true at Camp Pink, as you will need all your energy for the day's events and activities.



With morning activities out of the way, lunch will be served keeping the energy levels up to conquer the many activities available. If you are not already full from breakfast then feel free to feast on any number of the cold meats, salads, breads and make your own super sandwhich or switch it up with a baked potato and show 'the spud bar' how its really done.



Combining different cuisine's and menu options, it's the perfect opportunity to sit down with your fellow campers and share stories about the unique 'choose your own adventure' day you had and get ideas to design your perfect day all over again... but not before you get ready for the evening program which also provides supper if you need that extra serving of Camp Pink kindness before either hitting the sack or joining in the late night activities.


Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Supper will be served daily. Coffee, Tea, Juice, Soft Drinks and Water are available at anytime.



Whether you rehydrate with water, juice or soft drink throughout the day, you will be able to duck into your cabin fridge and grab one at any time. We also know at Camp Pink that many of our campers are a little bit more adventurous and don't mind the odd stiff drink or four, rest assured, its not like school camp in that way.... we provide beer and wine at evening programs but if you prefer something a little bit stiffer than the rest of us, then feel free to BYO spirits.

*responsible service and consumption of alcohol applies.