the birth of a concept


Since 1997, ‘Camp’ Camp in the USA has run America’s premier summer camp for LGBT adults which offers a fun and unique vacation for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender community.


Whilst travelling in the USA in 2009 and 2010, James Cullen worked at 'Camp' Camp on staff handling several different roles which is structured just like the sleep-away summer camp or school holiday camp that you remember from when you were young(er).


Upon returning to Australia, James always held the dream of bringing a similar concept to Australia that is inclusive of everyone in the LGBTI community and provides a space for personal development through facilitated individual and group achievement.


After discussing the idea of bringing the concept to Australia with 'Camp' Camp in the USA they provided advice and support along with their years of knowledge, to enable the concept to prosper and grow into a uniquely Australian version of something that is profoundly American.



continuation of community


Whilst at 'Camp' Camp, the sense of community and acceptance mixed with fun and adventure was addictive, which explains why 75% of campers return and over 200 people attend every year!


Over the June long weekend 2015, Camp Pink launched with a trial tour which enabled the concept to be tested on a small scale to obtain a sense of how the concept would be taken into the Australian community. After Camp Pink (Winter Edition) at The Summit in Trafalgar East in Victoria's Gippsland, we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback with many of the campers remaining good friends with their fellow campers and advocates for the Camp Pink concept.


Camp Pink has been setup in Australia as a 'not for profit company' because we believe in using the concept to bring our community together and we want to utilise all funds to enhance Camp Pink and LGBT initiative causes as we believe that you should always look after the community that looks after you.



new friends, fun and adventure


At Camp Pink we believe inclusiveness is the key, therefore all accommodation, transfers from Melbourne CBD and Country ports (subject to chosen package), catered meals, activities and evening programs are included. We also provide water, juice and soft drinks at anytime along with beer and wine for social events.


Whether you attend camp as an individual, couple or group of friends, the all inclusive nature doesn't stop with food or accommodation, it's a mind set. Open your heart to connect with new friends, open your mind to the possibilities available to experience our numerous onsite and offsite activities, but most of all .... open you, and learn who you are!


creating a pink family


Before the recently successful Camp Pink (Winter Edition) most of the campers who attended were strangers who boarded a bus at Southern Cross Station and headed into the wilderness to our Winter Camp site in Trafalgar East. During the weekend the bond that was built between the campers and the encouragement that occcurred when participatng in the onsite activities had a spirit that didn't stop at camp. Since the Winter Edition, the friendships have continued with dinner parties, movie nights and the occasional catch-up for a night on the town. When you come to camp, you might feel alone, but when you leave, the Camp Pink spirit lives on.


Once you’ve decided to come to Camp Pink, registration is easy with our online registration portal and payment via credit or debit card. We also offer easy and convenient automatic payment plans so Camp won’t take a huge dent out of your budget. In addition, we have a fee schedule that fits just about every budget, thanks to our crew program, which offers the option of paying reduced fees in exchange for helping out at Camp.


Check out the website, view everything that is included and think of how much all of these activities, transfers, meals, snacks. accommodation, entertainment, alcohol, soft drinks and tours would normally cost you on any other vacation... if you still have questions or concerns when you’re done, just e-mail us or call 03 9013 PINK!


James Cullen

Company Founder

& Camp Director

Graham Richards

Assistant Director

& Logistics Manager


Rainbow Group Leader

& Activites Manager


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